Alternate Reality X – Release 0.81 – Now Available

The latest release of my Alternate Reality: The City and The Dungeon remake, Alternate Reality X is now available for download.

You can download Release 0.81 from the link below:

Just a few additions and bug fixes in this release as follows:

  • Added Custom Weapons to Dwarven Smithy for you to buy (and name)
  • Added Dungeon vaults – Gram’s Gold Exchange and the First City Bank
  • Fixed – Dwarven Smithy – doesn’t use character’s name
  • Fixed – Dwarven Smithy – selling item removes existing silver from character
  • Fixed – Daily events didn’t run on the last day of each month

Please let me know if you have any questions or issues.

4 thoughts on “Alternate Reality X – Release 0.81 – Now Available

  1. My character is not going to arrive at the dwarven smithy for a while yet .. But he is much looking forward to doing so. So many guilds to visit first 🙂

    1. I think I need to revisit the guilds but hopefully they should be able to help you out with some useful training in the meantime:)

  2. Love what you are doing. Can’t wait for the finished product 🙂 I few things I noticed, I couldn’t figure out how to do spell casting during an encounter and its possible to run away successfully everytime on the first attempt.

    1. Hi thanks for commenting. You’re right on both of those issues. Spell casting doesn’t currently work during combat and none of the combat spells have been coded up yet, though you can buy and train your character to use them. I’ve just been moving all the spell casting related code into its own dedicated source files and will be updating spells so they can be used during combat. Thanks for reminding me on that one. I’ll change “Turn and Run” shortly so that it’s no longer a sure thing 🙂

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