Alternate Reality X – Development Status

Last updated: 22nd April 2017
At the time of writing (April 2017) release 0.82 of Alternate Reality X is under development. The list below is provided to give an indication of the features that are still to be fully completed or added to ARX. The list below can be searched and sorted by column so you can home in on the areas that interest you. I’ve also tried to indicate statuses of tasks.
Let me know if you think any items are missing.
ItemsAdd all unique treasure items to the game (E.g. Robin’s Hood, Amethyst Rod)HighIn progress
ItemsAdd Trump cards as encounter itemsMediumNot started
ItemsAdd Horns as encounter itemsMediumNot started
ItemsAdd Scrolls as encounter itemsMediumNot started
ItemsAdd Eyes as encounter itemsMediumNot started
ItemsAdd Wands as encounter itemsMediumNot started
ItemsAdd item durability and repair optionsLowNot started
LocationsTroll and Goblin LairsHighAlmost complete
LocationsPalace PrisonHighIn progress
LocationsClothes HorseHighNot started
LocationsGreat WyrmHighNot started
LocationsControl RoomHighIn progress
LocationsLiftHighAlmost complete
LocationsDeath's DoorHighNot started
LocationsThe GargoyleHighNot started
LocationsThe Undead KingHighComplete
LocationsThe FerrymanHighComplete
LocationsThe OracleMediumIn progress
LocationsDwarven SmithyMediumAlmost complete
LocationsRathskeller Bar and GrilleHighAlmost complete
LocationsDamon & Pythias ShopMediumComplete
LocationsThe RetreatHighComplete
LocationsThe ChapelMediumIn progress
LocationsThe Weapon EnchantressMediumNot started
LocationsLucky's Potion BreweryMediumNot started
LocationsCity & Dungeon Guilds (combined)MediumAlmost complete
LocationsCity TavernsHighComplete
LocationsCity InnsHighComplete
LocationsCity SmithiesHighComplete
LocationsCity HealersHighAlmost complete
LocationsCity BanksMediumComplete
LocationsCity Shops (replace static clothing items with dynamic ones)MediumAlmost complete
LocationsBank VaultsLowComplete
EncountersAdd in all encounter types - missing some variants such as Brigand.MediumAlmost complete
EncountersEncounter frequency and timingsHighAlmost complete
EncountersEncounter leaves weapon behind if defeatedMediumComplete
EncountersAdd additional Dungeon encounter tables (e.g. Lairs, Level 4)MediumNot started
EncountersAdd check to "Turn and Run" optionLowNot started
EncountersCheck experience modifiers for each type of encounterMediumIn progress
EncountersAdd special behaviours (e.g. devouring items, stealing, drinking a potion, summon and flee)MediumNot started
EncountersBlock, Stun, DisarmMediumNot started
EncountersAnimation and timingMediumAlmost complete
SpellsAdd system for duration based effects such as increased statsMediumNot started
MapAdd dark map zones and light sourcesLowNot started
MapAdd in all City and Dungeon mapsHighComplete
MapAdd in location descriptions and map zonesHighComplete
MapAdd weather effectsLowNot started
CharacterAdd Poisons & diseasesLowComplete
CharacterAdd cursesLowNot started
CharacterAdd alignment mechanicsMediumAlmost complete
CharacterAdd hunger, thirst, alcohol and weariness mechanicsMediumAlmost complete
CharacterCheck for item weight and encumbranceMediumAlmost complete
Charactersave and load character optionsMediumComplete
CharacterDeath sequence - lyric timing and alternative death messagesMediumAlmost complete
SpellsAdd all spells and effectsLowIn progress
GameAdd introduction sequenceLowNot started
GameAdd display scaling option (x1, x2, x3 etc)MediumNot started
GameAdd an ARX iconLowIn progress
GameCreate an ARX manualLowNot started