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What secret does the Hall of the Adept hold?





Release 0.70 - 19th February 2014


* Added Ferry crossing to Undead Regions
* Added Undead King's Palace
* New Encounter art from Ted - Knight, Thief, Acolyte, Rat, Bat and Doppelgangers (male & female versions)
* Added further art from the unreleased Amiga 16bit Dungeon
* Switched to latest version of SFML library (
* Switched to latest version of CodeBlocks and MinGW for Windows based development
* First Mac OS X version built with XCode
* Modified code and data files for Mac OS X version compatibility
* Added Dungeon Level 4 data, textures and encounters
* Various bug fixes and cosmetic changes



Release 0.64 - 2nd July 2013


* Added City Healers - Includes heal wounds, cure disease, remove alcohol and remove delusions
* Added City style potions as treasure - Examine, Sip, Taste and Quaff
* Added Treasure Finding stat
* Added diseases and poisons and their effects
* Updated the wandering healer for the above
* Updated main menu with new image
* Updated "Active Magic" and "Known Diseases" displays
* Added compass images from Jason and added background for use with large 3D window
* Added new guard / warrior encounter image from Ted
* Reduced encounter frequency
* Fixed Bug #027: Game hangs on second play through when creating character
* Fixed Bug #028: Compass images hard to see in full screen mode and needed position adjusting
* Fixed Bug #029: Crash when pressing ESC from Use object menu
* Fixed Bug #030: Shop stock items not saved as part of save game - Closed 22-Jun-2013
* Fixed Bug #031: Tavern and shop stock items not refreshed each day - Closed 22-Jun-2013
* Fixed Bug #032: Guild lyrics display too quickly - Closed 01-Jul-2013
* Fixed Bug #033: Death lyrics display too quickly - Closed 01-Jul-2013




Release 0.61 - 24th March 2013


* Switched to CodeBlocks and MinGW for development
* No longer requires Visual Studio C++ runtime installed
* Switched to latest version of SFML 2.0 (downloaded 1st March 2013)
* Improved compatibility for players using Intel graphics cards
* Fixed Bug #019: Offer menu won't page back when offering to Pauper
* Added check for arx.ini configuration file when the game is run
* Flags for Trolls, Goblins and Oracle now correctly included in save games
* Added "Loading..." message when loading image resources
* Added 3 new encounter images from Ted for use with alternate wall textures
* Added Amiga City & Dungeon interiors for use with alternate wall textures



Release 0.60 - 8th February 2013


* Implemented City and Dungeon encounters as a single set using same encounter object format
* Combined encounter images into single set using Dungeon images for majority
* Added all Dungeon fixed encounter specials (32 in total)
* Added weapons for encounter specials above
* Added a Dungeon Quest
* Fixed Bug #002: Delay of a couple of seconds when entering some shops / modules due to music loading
* Fixed Bug #003: Mini map edges don't refresh properly
* Fixed Bug #004: City map wrapped at some points instead of leading to Wilderness
* Fixed Bug #013: Lyric strip appears over shop / module image at 800 x 600 resolution
* Fixed Bug #014: Daggers only type of weapon dropped after winning an encounter
* Fixed Bug #001: Goblins and Trolls don't recognise that you're carrying rival ring half
* Fixed Bug #016: Oracle offerings did not include weapons etc
* Fixed Bug #017: Pauper could not accept all positive items and never rejected offers
* Fixed Bug #018: City encounters didn't drop weapons



Release 0.59 - 22nd January 2013


* Removed levelling up cap (previously level 5)
* Added stat bonuses when levelling up
* Added Strength, Intelligence and Charisma bonuses for repeated successful actions
* Dungeon encounters now award correct experience points when you defeat them
* Dungeon encounters now award correct experience points for 50% of hits during combat
* Removed "spinner" special from Dungeon level 1 map (40,15) as it left player trapped
* Added Knight to Dungeon encounters
* Added Pauper introduction message
* Added text for quests to Oracle module


Release 0.58 - 11th January 2013


Switched development to new version of SFML 2 media library

Switched development to Visual Studio C++ Express 2010

Added Barred door interaction in Dungeon - Locked, Bolted and Enchanted

Added some Dungeon unique treasures - Razor Ice, Sword of the Adept, Map Stone & Amethyst Rod

Expanded weapon format to include bonus to hit, parry, 2 handed, alignment, minimum stat requirements

City Enclosed areas added by Dalimar

City deathtraps fixed by Dalimar

Fixed some Dungeon zone colour schemes

Started work on Dungeon Oracle module

Bug fix: Fixed so more than 44 rectangular map zones can be defined

Bug fix: Fixed crashes relating to songs with longer sequences of lyrics

Bug fix: Fixed images for staircases,

Bug fix: Goblin Lord & Troll Tyrant now carry a Sceptre of Evil (not a dagger)

Bug fix: Lyrics strip image overlapped with shop image for 800x600 resolution


Release 0.57 - 15th November 2012

Added Encumbrance / object weights, messages and some side effects
Added "Use timepiece" option to display hour and minutes
Added menu option to select new music where available (Tavern, Smithy, Troll King, Goblin King, Guild, Death)
New versions of Tavern, Smithy, Troll King, Goblin King, Guild and Death music from "Furious"
Added on screen song lyrics for Death and some other music
New song from Furious - The Nightstalker added to Taverns
Bug fix: No longer start a new Dungeon character in a "Creepy Room" location
Bug fix: Now correctly registers death whilst exploring
Bug fix: Stopped loading shop interior images every frame!
Bug fix: "Get" command didn't display armour names when picking up from ground
Bug fix: Tavern opening and closing time checks prevented access sometimes
Bug fix: Corrected Tavern opening and closing times message
BUg fix: Paying a tavern membership fee bypassed opening time checks
Bug fix: Object buffer tidy routine would sometimes remove carried objects
Bug fix: Use / Drop routine would sometimes not display carried objects
Bug fix: Apparel wasn't being saved in save game
Bug fix: Large encounter images for fixed encounters appeared out of proportion to doors


Release 0.56 - 15th October 2012

Release 0.56 of Alternate Reality X is now available from the Downloads page. The main changes include:


  • Added new Death music as a sample
  • Added Pause option whilst exploring and during encounters
  • Added buying clothing at D & P
  • Wear, drop, get and swap clothing
  • Added "Cheap Robe" to starting inventory
  • Buy a compass from the City shops
  • Added "Apparel" display & "Birthday suit" check
  • Added "Known Diseases" display
  • Added "curses" display
  • Bug fix: inventory overflow led to game crashing after extended play
  • Bug fix: Mini map no longer appears on Death screen



Release 0.55 - 8th October 2012

Release 0.55 of Alternate Reality X is now available from the Downloads page. The main changes  include:


  • Banks added - Open and close up to 9 bank accounts, deposit and withdraw, sell gems and jewels, apply for jobs, view account balances and view bank failure rates
  • New smooth version of the AR font
  • New full screen / window 3D view with information overlays and large encounter graphics (just borrowed placeholders for now)
  • New 3D fogging for darker dungeons (new graphic style only)
  • Lots of new graphics textures including Palace and Arena entrances
  • Added ARX.ini configuration file for setting video resolution, full screen mode and graphic style
  • Added F12 key to display information for debugging / bug report purposes



Demo 0.5 Release - 8th August 2012

Demo 0.5of Alternate Reality X is now available from the Downloads page. The main changes since demo 0.43 include:

  • Added "The Retreat" for resting and recovering hit points
  • Added the option for bartering with the City Smithy
  • Added the option for bartering at the Damon & Pythias Shop
  • Reinstated the "Alternate" graphics option
  • Added an "Acknowledgements" page
  • Added hotkeys F1-F4 for displaying the information panels 



Demo 0.43 Release - 18th July 2012

Demo 0.43 of Alternate Reality X is now available from the Downloads page. The main changes since demo 0.42 include:

  • Added full source code for ARX to the game download
  • City and Dungeon guilds now merged
  • All Guild functions added including joining, remove curses, learn spells, practice spells, deposit / withdraw from guild locker, resign
  • Added "Drop" command
  • Added "Cast spell" command
  • Added "Healing", "Conjure Food", "Conjure Key" and "Location" spells
  • Added "Offer" command to "Transact" menu
  • Fixed visual map zone issues where walls and floors had incorrect textures and colours
  • Tweaked City and Dungeon gate counter speed and increased starting values slightly for stats
  • Fixed move backwards bug which allowed characters to pass through walls



Demo 0.42 Release - 28th May 2012

Demo 0.42 of Alternate Reality X is now available from the Downloads page. The main changes since demo 0.41 include:

  • Added save and load game option (10 slots)
  • Updated auto map to only display explored areas
  • Added save / quit options & keyboard commands help screen
  • Sell gems and jewels at the D & P
  • D & P now displays coins in silvers not coppers
  • Level 2 fountain now recognised
  • Various bug fixes


Demo 0.41 Release - 5th March 2012

Demo 0.41 of Alternate Reality X is now available from the Downloads page. The main changes since demo4 include:

  • Buy food and drink from City taverns
  • City Tavern jobs and memberships now available
  • Updated city map with correct signs by Dalimar

  • Added Trolls and Goblins palaces
  • Added Dungeon Chapel placeholder and music
  • Added fountains to Dungeon
  • Mini map and full screen map no longer slow down frame rate due to SFML 2.0 library
  • "Use" command now works during encounters
  • Mercenaries guild in Dungeon no longer crashes
  • No longer crashes when using the secret doors in the outer City walls to move from one map side to another


Demo 0.4 Release - 16th August 2011

Demo 4 of Alternate Reality X is now available from the Downloads page. The main changes since demo3 include:

  • Encounter transact menu added
  • Monster behaviour now based on alignment
  • City night and day encounter tables added

  • Added some dungeon fixed encounters in the Well Lit Area
  • Added group encounters
  • City Inn room bonuses for regaining HP now in place
  • Fixed currency handling in City Inns
  • Treasure drop and pickup added for food, water, torches, timepieces, compasses, keys, crystals, gems, jewels, gold, silver and copper
  • Fixed currency calculations when paying for items with gold, silver and copper
  • No longer displays a second window when game is running
  • Added Dungeon Level 3
  • Fixed the second encounter bug
  • No longer crashes when leaving the City for the Wilderness


Demo 0.3 Release - 5th January 2011

Demo 0.3 of Alternate Reality X is now available from the Downloads page. The main changes since demo2 include:

  • Added character creation City gate sequence

  • On screen optional mini-map and full screen map (initial versions)
  • Fixed teleports for level 2 of the Dungeon
  • Name character with upper and lower case letters
  • Frames Per Second counter option
  • "Wait for encounter" option
  • Buy and equip armour from the City Smithy
  • Buy and equip weapons and armour from the Damon & Pythias shop
  • Fixed various formatting problems (Currency, weapons and armour, combat)

Demo 0.2 Release - 1st August 2010

Demo 0.2 of the AR project is now available from the Downloads page. The main changes since demo 1 include:

  • Added character creation Dungeon gate sequence
  • Added some Dungeon encounters and music
  • Added shop placeholders (images and music) for Retreat, Rathskeller and Dungeon Guilds
  • Implemented Smithy weapon purchases and early character inventory
  • Added backwards movement
  • Fixed Smithy prices
  • Fixed play, die, quit game loop for repeated play

  • Menu option for "Atari 8bit" or "Alternate" image set and some alternative textures
  • Fixed door sound effects for City and Dungeon
  • Added level 2 of the Dungeon
  • Code improvements which will simplify future development
  • Added backgrounds for different times of day in the City


Update - 11th July 2010

Thanks to all of those who have sent me messages of support and encouragement for the project. It's great to see that there is still a lot of interest in Alternate Reality and this project. My time has been taken up with lots of work and home life issues for the last six months but I'm now keen to push on with the project.


Character creation in the Dungeon (July 2010)



An example of using alternative textures for the City streets



Update - 23rd August 2009

  • Added time and night / day cycles with appropriate backgrounds
  • Implemented Smithy opening / closing times and night time image
  • Modified encounter frequency based on player feedback
  • Restructured image and texture code to use external file list to make using alternative images much easier so that a choice of graphic sets can be used


Update - 2nd August 2009

  • Demo version 1 of the AR project is now available from the Downloads page.


Update - 17th July 2009

  • Set up an AR Project forum for news updates, discussion and bug reporting


Update - 29th June 2009

  • Fixed encounter music delays bug
  • Added second encounter music
  • Added full size Dragon and Nightstalker images to encounters


Update - 13th June 2009

  • Jobs are now available from Inns
  • Overhauled the very old version of these webpages in preparation for the new version download

  • Fixed the images of City door signs for Guilds and Healers


Update - 1st June 2009

  • Explore the City map
  • Combat - Attack, Charge, Aimed attack, Trick and Charm

  • Added player and monster death (but no treasure yet!)
  • City encounter images, data and weapons in place
  • Inns - sleeping, check the time, apply for jobs and earn money
  • I've added three pieces of Tavern music. These are randomly selected on entering a tavern
  • Smithy - "Armor" music added, hammer sound outside Smithy added
  • Guilds - Guild music, Guild bonuses in place, Remove curses option
  • "Closed by Order of the Palace" message added











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