Alternate Reality X – 0.56 Released

I’m a bit late posting this but I uploaded release 0.56 of Alternate Reality X last week. The main changes include:
  • Added new Death music as a sample of Bruce’s work on new music and sound effects
  • Added Pause option whilst exploring and during encounters
  • Added buying clothing at D & P
  • Wear, drop, get and swap clothing
  • Added “Cheap Robe” to starting inventory
  • Buy a compass from the City shops
  • Added “Apparel” display & “Birthday suit” check
  • Added “Known Diseases” display
  • Added “curses” display
  • Bug fix: inventory overflow led to game crashing after extended play
  • Bug fix: Mini map no longer appears on Death screen

Alternate Reality X – 0.55 Released


I’ve just released the latest version of my AR remake. It’s available from

It’s been a while coming but hopefully it contains some interesting developments to start taking the game to a new level. I think the new display mode works really well.

In release 0.55 you can find:

  • Banks added – Open and close up to 9 bank accounts, deposit and withdraw, sell gems and jewels, apply for jobs, view account balances and view bank failure rates
  • New smooth version of the AR font
  • New full screen / window 3D view with information overlays and large encounter graphics (just borrowed placeholders for now)
  • New 3D fogging for darker dungeons (new graphic style only)
  • Lots of new graphics textures including Palace and Arena entrances
  • Added ARX.ini configuration file for setting video resolution, full screen mode and graphic style
  • Added F12 key to display information for debugging / bug report purposes

Please keep supporting the project and if you feel able please make a small donation to help support the project and keep its development rolling along. Lots of interesting things lined up but it takes time to implement them.

Make sure to send me your feedback about this release as to how the new features work out and any issues you get with these changes.

Thanks for your continued support,


Alternate Reality X on Facebook!

ARX now has a facebook page so please stop by and take a look. New images of ARX’s full screen mode as well as some of the Monolith Philip Price screenshots which I thought it would be nice to put up so people can see them more easily.

I’ve got a few interesting developments coming up that I’l be mentioning there so keep an eye on the page…

It’s at:

Alternate Reality X: The Arena & The Palace

I’ve been thinking a lot about opening up ARX to the other
scenarios and making a start on them now (as well as working through the roadmap
releases) so that there would be content for the Arena and the Palace available
as ARX becomes more complete. The other scenarios would be added later. A few
questions though:

With new scenarios and new features a new style
of AR will likely develop…
  • What about features such as full screen 3D view with overlaid stats and menu options?
  • 3D view with real depth to doorways and roofs on buildings etc
  • 360 degree movement
  • New mouse driven interface?
  • How do you see the artwork working? 1 set of modern artwork (easiest for me using free resources off the internet) or 2 sets – modern and 8bit style
What do you want to see ARX develop into? Are you more
interested in the new, next generation version or retaining the old graphics,
interface and format?
Thanks as always for your

Alternate Reality X – 0.5 – Released!

Slightly later than planned ARX release 0.5 is now available from the downloads section of

It includes the following

  • Added “The Retreat” for resting and recovering lost hit points
  • Added “bartering” for the “Damon & Pythias Shop”
  • Added “bartering” for the City Smithy
  • Added “Alternate graphics” option back in
  • Added an initial “Acknowledgements” page
  • F1-F4 hotkeys to go directly to the various information screens

Hope you enjoy it and keep on supporting the project.

Alternate Reality X – The Retreat

I’ve now added the Retreat to the version 0.5 release so you can now rest there to recover hit points and reduce your fatigue. The number of coppers you offer determines the “quality” of your spot in the Retreat so remember to give generously if you want to stay on good terms with the woman who runs it!

I’ve also added back in the alternate graphics option. Release 0.5 will be a bit later than planned but should be out this week.