Alternate Reality X: The Arena & The Palace

I’ve been thinking a lot about opening up ARX to the other
scenarios and making a start on them now (as well as working through the roadmap
releases) so that there would be content for the Arena and the Palace available
as ARX becomes more complete. The other scenarios would be added later. A few
questions though:

With new scenarios and new features a new style
of AR will likely develop…
  • What about features such as full screen 3D view with overlaid stats and menu options?
  • 3D view with real depth to doorways and roofs on buildings etc
  • 360 degree movement
  • New mouse driven interface?
  • How do you see the artwork working? 1 set of modern artwork (easiest for me using free resources off the internet) or 2 sets – modern and 8bit style
What do you want to see ARX develop into? Are you more
interested in the new, next generation version or retaining the old graphics,
interface and format?
Thanks as always for your

Alternate Reality X – 0.5 – Released!

Slightly later than planned ARX release 0.5 is now available from the downloads section of

It includes the following

  • Added “The Retreat” for resting and recovering lost hit points
  • Added “bartering” for the “Damon & Pythias Shop”
  • Added “bartering” for the City Smithy
  • Added “Alternate graphics” option back in
  • Added an initial “Acknowledgements” page
  • F1-F4 hotkeys to go directly to the various information screens

Hope you enjoy it and keep on supporting the project.

Alternate Reality X – The Retreat

I’ve now added the Retreat to the version 0.5 release so you can now rest there to recover hit points and reduce your fatigue. The number of coppers you offer determines the “quality” of your spot in the Retreat so remember to give generously if you want to stay on good terms with the woman who runs it!

I’ve also added back in the alternate graphics option. Release 0.5 will be a bit later than planned but should be out this week.

Donation Perks

Life is a bit tough just now on a number of levels so I’ve been re-evaluating things and that includes my development projects. I know some of you have issues of your own so I know I’m not the only one. Hang in there.

I’ve been thinking about “perks” for people who donate funds to the support of ARX and SOTC and wanted to get your ideas. I’m putting together release 0.5 of ARX now and this will have a special credits section for those who have donated to support the project – I’m looking for a good name for this section so let me know me if you’ve any ideas. So if you’d like to see your name in the next release of ARX please donate now.

Anyone who has already donated will receive any “perks” I introduce to either game.

What other “perks” would you like to see and what level of donation would be appropriate to warrant them?

  • Design of new weapons or spells for inclusion 
  • Design of new types of encounters for inclusion
  • Direct input into the design and discussion of new features in future ARX scenarios or SOTC development 
  • A hard copy, full colour map
  • Hard copy manual
  • “Roll of honour” on a newly designed website and in the game manuals

I’m also trying to raise the profile of ARX and SOTC so if you can spread the word online that would be great or if you have any good suggestions for sites or media I should be considering let me know.

For SOTC I’m thinking about going for the full works and setting up an Indiegogo crowd funding site but I’ll wait until I have a SOTC demo first for people to get a taster of what gameplay will be like. Has anyone used this or donated using this site? Any issues? Here’s the ADOM redevelopment which seems fairly sensible in terms of perks:

As always I’d welcome your thoughts and ideas and really appreciate any support you can provide.

Keep supporting ARX and SOTC development.


Alternate Reality X – Demo 0.43 Released!

Demo 0.43 of Alternate Reality X is now available from the download page. The main changes since demo 0.42 include:

  • Added full source code for ARX to the game download
  • City and Dungeon guilds now merged
  • All Guild functions added including joining, remove curses, learn spells, practice spells, deposit / withdraw from guild locker, resign
  • Added “Drop” command
  • Added “Cast spell” command
  • Added the “Healing”, “Conjure Food”, “Conjure Key” and “Location” spells
  • Added “Offer” command to “Transact” menu
  • Fixed visual map zone issues where walls and floors had incorrect textures and colours
  • Tweaked City and Dungeon gate counter speed and increased starting values slightly for stats
  • Fixed move backwards bug which allowed characters to pass through walls

Thanks for your continued support and feedback.

Alternate Reality X – Release Roadmap

With the imminent release of Alternate Reality X 0.43 I can now confidently publish my roadmap for the future releases leading to the official 1.0 release. My goal for the 1.0 release is to have all the original City and Dungeon content completed, fully playable with all the quests completed plus a few more extras which will be unique to ARX.

Release 0.5 – July 31st 2012

  • Add initial credits screens (will be added to in each future release)
  • Add back in “Alternative Graphics” option
  • Add Damon & Pythias provisions and bartering
  • Add City Smithy bartering
  • Add Dungeon Retreat for resting
  • Add duration based spells – Strength, Dexterity, Charisma, Fireblade

Release 0.6 – August 31st 2012

  • Add City Shops
  • Add City Healers
  • Add City Banks
  • Add “Buy a round” at City Taverns
  • Add remaining combat features
  • Add combat spells – Cold Blast
  • Add “Examine Items or Spells” option
  • Add additional encounter tables for the Dungeon
  • Add Dungeon Level 4
  • Add Dungeon door types

Release 0.7 – September 30th 2012

  • Add Rathskeller Bar & Grille
  • Add all encounter weapons
  • Add all encounter treasure items
  • Add unique treasure items
  • Add Encounter animation scheme
  • Add City Rain and Storm effects
  • Add the ARX manual draft
  • Add effects of hunger, thirst and alcohol

Release 0.8 – October 31st 2012

  • Add Dungeon Smithy
  • Add Bank Vaults
  • Add Weapon Enchantress
  • Add Dungeon Chapel
  • Add music on screen lyrics and timings
  • Add Smithy animation
  • Add Oracle

Release 0.9 – November 30th 2012

  • Add Dungeon quests & locations
  • Add Dungeon ending sequence
  • Add curses, diseases and poison

Release 1.0 – December 31st 2012

  • Add the AR introduction sequence
  • Finalise the ARX manual and supporting documents
  • Add an ARX icon

2013 – A new Alternate Reality X chapter begins…