Alternate Reality X – Release 0.4

I’ve finally released a new version of my Alternate Reality remake project. It’s available for download over at: as always. It’s good to finally get something out even if it’s not as full featured as I’d hoped. The problem I have now is that there are lots of different parts that I’m capable of working on but deciding which of these will have the most significant impact on the project.

I really need to try and wrap up my work on encounters in the next release and also add in some more establishments such as City Shops and Taverns.

Alternate Reality X – More encounters…

After wasting a few hours modifying the monster data file format I eventually reverted to almost the same format I started with – I really need to learn to leave things where they are if they are not presenting any major problems. The main reason for the changes was to save me hand editing the Dungeon monster data I had. I eventually just learned how to use the Visual Studio 2008 editor better to put the monster data into my monster data file structure.

All 74 dungeon monsters are now in the game although I will need to do some work to stop the player bumping into the Basilisk and other one off creatures whilst exploring the Well Lit Area!

One thing that confused me is that the monster data I have doesn’t seem to quite tally with that in the C64 version. I would like to use the correct data. I also need to create all the weapons which Dungeon encounters can carry and bring the City monster data up to the level and data file format. City monsters work in a different way in the do not have fixed stats but have their stats vary to some degree when you encounter them.I would really like to put some encounter tables in place before the 0.4 release if possible.

Alternate Reality X – Encounter updates

I’ve made quite a lot of changes to encounters over the last week. Possibly the most noticeable is that I’ve changed the encounter menus to reproduce the Alternate Reality: The Dungeon style. That means a single column with a secondary menu for “Transact”.

You no longer get attacked by all encounters automatically dependent on their alignment (good, evil, neutral) and you can hail them. I’ve also added in some of the special behaviours and options for encounters like thieves and noblemen.

I’m now working on changing the encounter data format and importing all the Dungeon encounters into the game. Once that is done I plan to add in more of the special behaviours (pauper, healers etc) and add the relvant weapons for each Dungeon encounter.

Alternate Reality X – Treasure!

I’ve finally added in some basic treasure finding but just now only for generic volume items like food packets, water flasks, keys, crystals, gold etc. I spent ages trying to get the right messages appear to check my object buffer within the game and update the status line correctly that there were objects to pick up in the current location.

Anyway it seems to work fairly well and I’m ready to add some more treasure types – probably weapons that are dropped by humanoid characters when they die. I also have the GET object dialogue working properly.

Alternate Reality X – Bug Fixes

It’s been a couple of months since I did any work on Alternate Reality X – a combination of work, home life and other interests but after that break I’m keen to progress to the next release. I spent a few hours over the last couple of days fixing some bugs which were reported on the forums. The following problems are now sorted out:

  • Worked out why every encounter in the Citywas automatically followed by a second encounter
  • The game no longer crashes when you try to leave the City and enter the Wilderness
  • Fixed the currency handling and change given when paying for goods with varying gold, silver and copper – no more credit at the Damon & Pythias!

Planning to start adding some functionality to the City taverns and shops.

Alternate Reality X – Adding Dungeon levels 3 & 4

After the 0.3 release I thought I would add the two remaining Dungeon levels to the game. That would mean I’ve then covered all the maps in the original Alternate Reality City and Dungeon scenarios. I converted the original game files to my text format and have now connected up map level 3 to the game.

I hand to go back the Atari 8bit Dungeon in order to familiarise myself with how the maps fit together. I also tidied up some terrible old code where I was inconsistent with how I handled map references. This initially broke teleports, shops and map zones amongst other things but it’s finally fixed and will save me lots of time when I add more content. This has been annoying me for ages so it’s about time i sorted it.

Hopefully I’ll add level 4 and the various wall textures for these two levels in the next few days.

Alternate Realilty X – Demo 0.3 released!

Finally demo 0.3 of Alternate Reality X is available for download from

You can try the latest version of ARX from the downloads page. In addition there are plenty of new screenshots on the home page and on the screenshots page. Hopefully people will find it of interest and think the progress is decent. I managed to add in buying items from the Damon & Pythias shop (below) after all so that was a positive.

Buying weapons and armour from the D & P

This release has been a long time coming but it’s significant because tempted as I was to move onto easier, more interesting sections of the project I’ve recently put a lot of time into fixing the problems that already existed such as the incomplete City gate sequence, lack of mixed case character names and more importantly the purchasing of weapons and armour and creation of inventory objects. The result is a release that doesn’t have a lot more to offer play wise but in terms of my progress and learning has put me in a strong position to make release 0.4 a good one – that’s my plan anyway.