Weapons & Armour purchases in place

You can now buy all your weapons and armour from the Smithies in the City. It took me a while to iron out a bizarre bug when equipping armour bought from the Smithy but everything now seems to be working smoothly. It was also a useful refresher on the way I’ve set up the objects in game and weapons and armour.

Weapons and Armour in use

I’ll try and implement the Damon &Pythias equipment purchases whilst this is still fresh in my mind. Then I can add some more interesting object types and treasure in the Dungeon.

New Year , New Challanges

As we come to the start of another year I’ve been thinking about the last 12 months and what I want to achieve during 2011. Lots of things are uncertain at work just now so I’ll need to see how they develop over the next few months and I’ve other things I want to work on such as my guitar playing but I’ll not go into the details of that here.

In terms of my CRPG projects I had hoped to make more progress with Alternate Reality X but I have made a lot of progress behind the scenes in terms of things I’ve learnt and how to write better code and I expect to build on this further during 2011 though I’ve still got a long way to go. I also finished Ultima IV – The Quest of the Avatar for the C64 (under emulation). It only took me 20 years!

Obviously I haven’t been playing it continuously during that time 🙂 Anyway I wanted to set out some clear but achievable goals for my crpg.dev projects so here they are:

Complete Alternate Reality X (ARX) to include all City and Dungeon content by the end of 2011. I’ll also be aiming to have a lot more regular builds for download. Demo 3 should be available later today and I would hope to have demo 4 out by say end of February 2011. I’m keen to get some alternative graphics but so far no one has actually delivered a single image. I’ll widen my net here to hopefully get someone on board.

Create a fully playable demo of my own original, classic style CRPG by the end of 2011. Possibly under a donation type scheme. I’ve been surprised how many people have offered to donate to the ARX project to try and speed up my progress. Thanks to everyone who offered. I can’t accept any monetary donations for ARX as it’s not my game/copyright.

Play more CRPGs including the old classics and newer games. I have Fallout 3, Baldurs Gate, Morrowind, Neverwinter Nights, various Ultima’s and Might and Magic’s to complete amongst many others. I will probably post a bit about my game playing on this blog so let me know what you think.

Happy New Year!

Alternate Reality X – Teleport trouble!

For some time now there has been a bug in the teleport code which I needed to fix. Basically when you tried to use a teleport square which moved you from one Dungeon level to another you ended up being moved into a void outside the current map. This should have been easy to fix but instead took me hours. Every time I thought I had found the problem I came across another missing piece of game logic. Anyway I think I finally fixed it but it might raise it’s head again when dungeon level 3 is introduced.

On a more positive note I managed to resolve the issues with text input for the player name in a few minutes so now you can name your AR alter ego using both upper and lowercase letters. I needed to use SFMLs TextEntered event type.

I also successfully added some extra options to the auto map to display specials such as encounters, treasure and effect areas. This will be really useful for testing and adding to the game. For anyone who is wondering the mini and full screen map options in the next demo WILL NOT have this feature enabled.

I’ve also added a little FPS toggle button so you can see how well the game is performing on your PC. Without the mini map enabled I get about 60 frames per second. With the mini map on about 30 frames – I’ll modify the mini map for demo 4 so it doesn’t take up so much processing time.

Automap – Further progress

Further work on the automap is going well. I’ve tweaked the images slightly so doors look more like the ones on old Dungeons & Dragons maps. Personally I think they look much better. I’ve also fixed a problem about the map display wrapping when viewing the edge of the map and added some additional checks for wall types in the Dungeon such as barred doors.

I’ve also added a large map display. Initially this could display a maximum map size of 64 x 64 like the City map or first level of the Dungeon but it was quite hard to read so I’ve changed this display to show the 32 x 32 segment that you are currently located in for larger maps. I also added a key for locations in the City.

Need to fix a wrap around display bug for smaller maps and also make the map display only those areas explored so far. Let me know what you think.

Automap working

After my setback at the weekend with the power supply failing on the PC I managed to swap it today and have also managed to get the automap working correctly. Currently the automap shows you everything regardless of where you’ve been. As you can see from the screenshot it shows you where special places such as shops, taverns and smithies are on the map. I think this is a really useful feature – hopefully it won’t spoil the game for anyone.
Originally I made the mini map cells much smaller (8 pixels) but it made it difficult to see some items such as multiple doors in single cells so I’ve opted for bigger 16 pixel cells.
I’ll work on making the map show only those areas explored tomorrow if I’ve time as well as starting work on the full map level view.

PC disaster

disaster struck on Friday evening – I came back to my pc after a few pminutes and found that it was dead. Hopefully just temporary – it appears that it might be a power supply failure so I’m hoping I might be able pick up a suitable old one on Monday.

Of course I just happen to have my sons school project on there and my recent version of ARX with no recent backup. Hope to get this sorted on Monday or at least swap the hard drive into a another pc suo I can copy off these files.

Alternate Reality – Automapping

I’ve talked about adding an automap to ARX before and decided I will try and add one into the next release. This will mean a delay in the next release but hopefully the feature will be seen as a positive addition. The original Dungeon game didn’t have an automap but it did feature an item known as the Map stone which when used revealed your x and y location.

I think a game like ARX will really benefit from an automap and it could also be useful as a means of teleporting about the map or editing map layouts in the future. Maps vary in size from 64×64 cells to 8×8 so the automap needs to accomodate these. There are likely to be two views for the automap:

  • Full screen view which will display the whole (or most of) the current map
  • Mini map view located alongside the 3D view

The northeast corner of Dungeon level 1

Alternate Reality X – Release 2.1

After taking almost a year between the first and second demo releases for Alternate Reality X (ARX), I’ve vowed to release updated versions more frequently. However I have been really busy with work and been away on holiday so I’ve made very little progress since the demo release at the beginning of August 2010.

I have started working on the City character creation and now have it at the point that it’s mostly complete. I still need to fix a few things such as the colour of the counters and music / sound effect timing. I’m not attempting to match every element of the original character creation sequence but hopefully people will understand that. I’m rather spend the time on key parts of the game such as combat and shop functionality.

My graphic card issues are now resolved so I have ARX running at about 60 frames a second – much better than the previous 6 frames!

Over at the ARX forums there a number of bug reports which I will try to resolve in the next few days. Possibly the worse is the teleport bug which places you outside the level 2 map. I think this will be due to me using level 1 teleport coordinates when adding the level 2 dungeon map. Thanks to dalimar for pointing these out.

I’m hoping to finish off the city character creation sequence and fix these bugs for a small 2.1 update release sometime this week.