Stone of the Citadel




  • Taking the best elements of table top role playing, computer RPGs and Roguelikes to create an exciting new CRPG experience
  • Classic gameplay building on the classics such as Ultima, Might and Magic and the Bards Tale amongst others
  • 3D view featuring smooth scrolling, lighting and other effects in an update of the classic style
  • Full scenario builder for making your own fully customisable SOTC adventures
  • Easy to use textual interface with mouse and/or keyboard shortcuts - you choose
  • Simple to use inventory handling  - no inventory juggling pain between the party!
  • Choose from pre-defined characters or create your own
  • Control a party of between 1 and 8 characters with their own personalities, histories, knowledge and specialist skills
  • Rich selection of new character classes and races as well as many old favorites
  • No two games will be the same due to intelligent use of random elements to keep gameplay fresh and surprising
  • Meet varied groups of characters and monsters who can work with or against you
  • Characters and monsters in the game move around the world with their own plans, schedules and agendas
  • Highly detailed maps with plenty of interesting things to discover,secrets to unearth and skills to learn
  • The game is being designed so that it is entirely driven from data files to allow easy editing and future development by non programmers
  • Use of the SFML 2 media library for porting to Windows, Linux and Mac platforms




A demo will be available in August 2012 to demonstrate the basic 3D view and character creation process.











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