Donation Perks

Life is a bit tough just now on a number of levels so I’ve been re-evaluating things and that includes my development projects. I know some of you have issues of your own so I know I’m not the only one. Hang in there.

I’ve been thinking about “perks” for people who donate funds to the support of ARX and SOTC and wanted to get your ideas. I’m putting together release 0.5 of ARX now and this will have a special credits section for those who have donated to support the project – I’m looking for a good name for this section so let me know me if you’ve any ideas. So if you’d like to see your name in the next release of ARX please donate now.

Anyone who has already donated will receive any “perks” I introduce to either game.

What other “perks” would you like to see and what level of donation would be appropriate to warrant them?

  • Design of new weapons or spells for inclusion 
  • Design of new types of encounters for inclusion
  • Direct input into the design and discussion of new features in future ARX scenarios or SOTC development 
  • A hard copy, full colour map
  • Hard copy manual
  • “Roll of honour” on a newly designed website and in the game manuals

I’m also trying to raise the profile of ARX and SOTC so if you can spread the word online that would be great or if you have any good suggestions for sites or media I should be considering let me know.

For SOTC I’m thinking about going for the full works and setting up an Indiegogo crowd funding site but I’ll wait until I have a SOTC demo first for people to get a taster of what gameplay will be like. Has anyone used this or donated using this site? Any issues? Here’s the ADOM redevelopment which seems fairly sensible in terms of perks:

As always I’d welcome your thoughts and ideas and really appreciate any support you can provide.

Keep supporting ARX and SOTC development.