Weapons & Armour purchases in place

You can now buy all your weapons and armour from the Smithies in the City. It took me a while to iron out a bizarre bug when equipping armour bought from the Smithy but everything now seems to be working smoothly. It was also a useful refresher on the way I’ve set up the objects in game and weapons and armour.

Weapons and Armour in use

I’ll try and implement the Damon &Pythias equipment purchases whilst this is still fresh in my mind. Then I can add some more interesting object types and treasure in the Dungeon.

2 thoughts to “Weapons & Armour purchases in place”

  1. Thanks. Release 3 is ready and will be available in the next few days. It hopefully has some new things that will interest people.

    I would hope release 4 would feel a lot more like the real game as there will be a lot of changes to encounters and objects.

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