Alternate Reality X – More encounters…

After wasting a few hours modifying the monster data file format I eventually reverted to almost the same format I started with – I really need to learn to leave things where they are if they are not presenting any major problems. The main reason for the changes was to save me hand editing the Dungeon monster data I had. I eventually just learned how to use the Visual Studio 2008 editor better to put the monster data into my monster data file structure.

All 74 dungeon monsters are now in the game although I will need to do some work to stop the player bumping into the Basilisk and other one off creatures whilst exploring the Well Lit Area!

One thing that confused me is that the monster data I have doesn’t seem to quite tally with that in the C64 version. I would like to use the correct data. I also need to create all the weapons which Dungeon encounters can carry and bring the City monster data up to the level and data file format. City monsters work in a different way in the do not have fixed stats but have their stats vary to some degree when you encounter them.I would really like to put some encounter tables in place before the 0.4 release if possible.

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