Alternate Reality X – Guild Wars!

I’ve started work on adding full functionality and merging guilds for both the City and the Dungeon scenarios. This obviously posed a few interesting issues that I had to decide on how to approach. Should I use the 8bit Dungeon guild model or the 16bit City one? Should I treat the guilds located in the City as entirely separate to those in the City or just as branches? I’ve been thinking about this one for some time and I’m sure not everyone will be a 100% happy with my choices but so far I think it’s working out well and I’m about 30 – 40% into building the guilds.

Here’s how it’s working to date:

  • Guilds are based on the 8bit Dungeon guild model. General opinion seems to be that the 16bit City guild model has some annoyances around learning and retaining spells. I always thought the Dungeon model worked really well.
  • You can have full membership in one guild and associate membership with a number of other guilds.
  • I made a few guesses as to which of the unique City guilds would be enemies to each other. The other 12 guilds in the Dungeon have clear enemies so no problem there.
  • 8 guilds feature in both the City and the Dungeon. 2 guilds (Mercenaries and Paladins) are unique to the Dungeon and 4 guilds unique to just the City (Blue Wizards, Red Wizards, Physicians and Assassins). This gives ARX a total of 14 unique guilds. I’ve chosen not to add the 2 “hidden on disk” guilds from the 8bit Atari City for now.
  • Where a guild is available in both scenarios I’ll treat them as “branches” so when you join one you’ll already be flagged as a member when you visit the other. Guild bonuses will be gained when you first join a branch in either scenario. Due to the “power of the guilds” the contents of your guild locker (E.g. gold, silver, gems, crystals etc) will be available from either branch.
  • I’ll start by implementing all the spells for the 12 Dungeon based guilds. I’ll then either choose some of these spells for the remaining 4 unique City guilds or add some additional spells from the 16bit City version.
  • Removal of curses will be free at guilds – but only when you’ve joined a guild
  • Guild membership acceptance is only based on your experience level and moral alignment as in the Dungeon guild model.
  • I standardised the guild names between the City and the Dungeon as there were quite a few inconsistencies.
  • I’ve kept the guild images and music unique for the City and the Dungeon as you’ll see from the screenshots here.

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