Alternate Reality X: The Arena & The Palace

I’ve been thinking a lot about opening up ARX to the other
scenarios and making a start on them now (as well as working through the roadmap
releases) so that there would be content for the Arena and the Palace available
as ARX becomes more complete. The other scenarios would be added later. A few
questions though:

With new scenarios and new features a new style
of AR will likely develop…
  • What about features such as full screen 3D view with overlaid stats and menu options?
  • 3D view with real depth to doorways and roofs on buildings etc
  • 360 degree movement
  • New mouse driven interface?
  • How do you see the artwork working? 1 set of modern artwork (easiest for me using free resources off the internet) or 2 sets – modern and 8bit style
What do you want to see ARX develop into? Are you more
interested in the new, next generation version or retaining the old graphics,
interface and format?
Thanks as always for your

5 thoughts to “Alternate Reality X: The Arena & The Palace”

  1. Hi,
    I just found this site and it brings back memories of that great game.
    If i can help in any way let me entry or any other donkey work

  2. Yes, YES! This is what I've been dreaming of throughout all these years – to see the remaining chapters getting completed. Are you planning to implement land-owning features as well for Palace?

    Regarding your other questions: I may be in minority here, but I'd suggest you to focus on gameplay rather than on graphical improvements (I actually like the old-style graphics *a lot*).

  3. I have been following the development on this since the beginning back in 09. I brought it to my brothers attention as well. Absolutely amazing! I have wanted this since retiring my Commodore 64. Faithful, yet with update options. I for one am old school. Love modern games with old school feel such as Bard's Tale Devil Whiskey. 2 sets would be nice, but is ultimately your choice. Not much of a programmer, but plan on making financial contribution. You really have outdid yourself!

  4. Personally, I'm more interested in the new, next-generation version. Preserving the gameplay and fun is important, but the old-style 8-bit graphics and 8-bit sound? not so much. It is pretty awesome that its a selectable option, though!

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