Alternate Reality X – Release 0 .63 and Spreading the word

Making the artwork and display more consistent for release 0.63

I’ve started work on release 0.63 and will be aiming to finish off any pieces of gameplay that are only partially completed (like the D & P Provisions in 0.62 for example) as well as adding some brand new parts to the game that people have been asking for. I’m also working on tidying up some of the display settings and making the old and new media and display more consistent.

If you get the chance please spread the word about Alternate Reality X through any forums or websites you use where you think there might be an interest in this type of project. Or alternatively drop me a note of any webpages or forums where you think I should post updates.

If you like the work I’ve done on Alternate Reality X so far then you might consider making a small donation from the blog page, via the webpages at or using the link on the ARX facebook page.

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