CRPG Dev – Still here for 2015!

You may have wondered whether I had been dispatched by a Nightstalker or become hopelessly lost wandering the streets of Xebec’s Demise but I’ve simply been very busy with work and home commitments as well as the build up to Christmas and New Year. I hope you had a good Christmas / holiday if you haven’t been working.

I’ve also been looking into some of my other interests, reading up on them and I’ll post about them over the next few weeks as they are relevant to computers and gaming to some degree. I’ve also just found that after work and family things all I’ve wanted to do some nights is sit down and catch up on some TV or movies that I’ve been wanting to see for a while. My working environment is also less than ideal at the moment which isn’t conducive to game coding and development or even blog posting. I’m surrounded by clutter. It will be easier once the Christmas decorations are packed away in the next few days.

Unity 4.6 is now out of Beta so I’ll be using this for some projects and have found it works very well. The on-screen GUI development will speed up game development a lot for me I think as you can see what is on the screen as you’re working without having to go through a slow modify / run, repeat process for every little change. My plan is to focus on gameplay mechanics and coding within Alternate Reality X and put the cosmetics to one side for now until the gameplay is a little better established.

Some of my other computing interests have sparked an interest in dusting down my older SFML Alternate Reality X as I’d still like to bring that to some clear conclusion (Windows only though for this one). I’m toying with a few ideas as to how to complete this without it taking too much additional development time. I could for example strip it down to a single resolution such as 800×600 and 8bit graphics and sound as the new versions from Furious and Ted have a natural home in the Unity 3D version of ARX. I’ll give this one some further thought.

The website and blog are likely to be merged together into a single site using Blogger as the basis. I’m looking at ways to make updates easier to maintain and You may notice some oddities whilst I experiment with various options on the blog and website(s).

Thanks for following CRPG Dev through 2014 and taking the time to comment and offer suggestions for the games. If you have supported my development through Paypal, Patreon or by contributing code or content then I am especially grateful. I would have liked to have done much more development this year but it hasn’t happened and I’m not going to beat myself up over it.

I hope you’ve had a good 2014 and would like to wish you, your friends and family all the best for the New Year in 2015. Hope you have a good one.

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