Alternate Reality Remake Projects

As many of you will know I’m no longer working on development of my Alternate Reality:The City & The Dungeon remake, Alternate Reality X. This was written in C++ and used the SFML library and ran under Microsoft Windows. I may spend a bit of time to fix a few bugs with my last release (based on requests on the ARX forums), to leave the final release of ARX in a more playable and less buggy form.

From early 2018 an AR fan used my source code to put together a couple of revised builds of ARX (which are available for download from his website link below) . He has since created a brand new Java based Alternate Reality remake which I’ll refer to as the AR Java Edition to avoid confusion with my earlier ARX.

The AR Java Edition is a far more code complete remake of AR than my own ARX, based on the updates on his webpages. He’s finished a lot of the functionality which I hadn’t and has gone back to the original 6502 assembly language to better understand how the original games worked.You can check out the updates, videos and screenshots over at:

From his recent webpage updates it sounds like he’s now very close to a fully complete conversion of the City. Hopefully we’ll be able to try the Java Edition fairly soon.

As for myself I’ve started to put together a new CRPG project which is heavily inspired by the classic 8bit CRPGs of the 1980s. I’ve been learning a lot about old technology and systems and having a lot of fun in the process. More about this project shortly.