Revising the map display

Since my last post I’ve made some fairly significant changes to the on screen map display for my C64 CRPG. Firstly I’ve changed the display from a full screen map to a window onto the map. In addition I’ve changed the code to display each map tile using 4 characters rather than a single one.

An Ultima style view of the larger map. The green areas represent “off map” areas.

Ignoring my example “tiles” above which are using characters to get the initial map and tile code working correctly, this is working very well for my initial attempt. Once I had this working I expanded the view.

A larger map view for consideration

Here’s a slightly modified version with a simple “water” type tile and a highlight to represent a player tile. I’m finding that my code changes are coming along nicely now that I’m using C code again so that’s been a very positive change without the performance drop that I was concerned about.

Some simple water tiles and a highlight for a player icon

Despite appearances the characters that make up the display are set up to be easily replaced with redefined characters. I’ll put some simple tiles in just to provide a better idea of how the display with look. I’m very pleased with how quickly some of these changes are coming along which has surprised me a lot.

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