Demon’s Isle v2.0 – C Programming on the C64

A couple of years back I did some work on programming the Commodore 64 in C using CC65. I recently took another look at one of these C64 CRPG projects and posted a brief video:

I’ve started working on this again and have lots of ideas about how to expand it next. Not sure I’ll keep the exact graphic style and screen layout but we’ll see. I plan to have another video out in the next couple of weeks. It’s likely that I’ll use another development approach rather than sticking with CC65. I find myself struggling a bit with juggling memory segments for resources such as graphics characters and data files.

One thing I’m still unsure about is whether I would prefer to make it a single character game such as Questron or a party based game like Ultima IV. The style of combat is also something I’m thinking, some games using the same map you move around on with others opting for a dedicated “zoomed in” combat map. What are your thoughts?

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