Alternate Reality X



Download AR X Release v0.75 - 24th September 2016


Release 0.75 adds all the remaining Dungeon encounters, encounter animation, accurate encounter weapons and player body parts in combat. It also fixes a crash when encountering a Phoenix and a bug where City Healers didn't cure diseases.


Download AR X Release v0.74 - 17th April 2016


Release 0.74 adds the Rathskeller Bar & Grille to the Dungeon. Please note that this version does not contain the updated music due to upload issues.


Download AR X Release v0.73 - 24th March 2016


Release 0.73 is a minor release which improves texture filtering for the 3D view, adds a character Titles tab, new Arena entrances and additional conversational responses.


Download AR X Release v0.72 - 13th March 2016


Release 0.72 is a minor release which fixes bugs including City healers not curing diseases, modifications to screen layout to make the game look more authentic and some tidying up of code behind the scenes in preparation for future changes.


Download AR X Release v0.71 - 2nd March 2014


Release 0.71 features improved support for using different screen resolutions, scaling of encounter art and screen layout. It fixes the combat bug in 0.70 and adds 2 new pieces of encounter art. Mac OS X version will be available for download shortly.


Download AR X Release v0.70 - 19th February 2014


Release v0.70 adds new encounter art, unreleased Amiga Dungeon art and Ferry man and Undead King as well as a number of bug fixes and cosmetic changes.


Please read the notes about  video drivers at the end of this page.



Download AR X Release v0.64 - 2nd July 2013

Release v0.64 adds the City healers, City style potions, poison, diseases and various bug fixes.


Download AR X Release v0.63 - 21st May 2013

Release v0.63 adds the core City shops functionality, tweaks the display of lyrics and adjusts character creation gate speed.


Download AR X Release v0.62 - 14th May 2013

Release v0.62 adds to City Tavern features and allows you to buy provisions in the Dungeon.


Download AR X Release v0.61 - 24th March 2013

Release v0.61 improves compatibility for players with Intel onboard graphics and adds some new shop interiors and encounter art.


Download AR X Demo v0.60 - 8th Feb 2013

Release v0.59 adds some improvements and several bug fixes.


Download AR X Demo v0.59 - 22nd January 2013

Release v0.59 adds some improvements to experience awards from encounters and some bug fixes.


Download AR X Demo v0.58 - 11th January 2013

Release v0.58 adds Dungeon barred doors, some unique Dungeon treasures such as the Razor Ice and various bug fixes.


Download AR X Demo v0.57 - 15th November 2012

Release v0.57 adds a variety of new music, on screen lyrics and a number of bug fixes.


Download AR X Demo v0.56 - 15th October 2012

Demo v0.56 adds a new version of the Death theme, puase option, buying clothing from the D&P and some bug fixes.


Download AR X Demo v0.55 - 8th October 2012

Demo v0.55 adds Banks including bank accounts, jobs and selling gems / jewels. Smooth font, full screen mode, fog, multiple resolution support, large 3D view option.


Download AR X D emo v0.5 - 8th August 2012

Demo v0.5 adds "The Retreat" and bartering for goods at the City Smithies and Damon & Pythias Shop.


Download AR X Demo v0.43 - 18th July 2012

Demo v0.5 merges the City and Dungeon guilds, adds dropping of items, casting of spells and fixes some visual map issues.


Download AR X Demo v0.42 - 28th May 2012

Demo v0.42 fixes a number of bugs, adds save and load game options and updates the automap facility.


Download AR X Demo v0.41 - 5th March 2012

Demo v0.41 fixes a number of bugs and expands on City Tavern functions.


Download AR X Demo v0.4 - 16th August 2011

Demo v0.4 expands on the content below to include expanded encounter features and treasure drops.


Download AR X Demo v0.3 - 5th January 2011

Demo v0.3 also includes character creation for City characters, purchasing of weapons and armour and the introdution of a mini map and full screen map.


Download AR Project Demo v0.2 - 1st August 2010

Demo v2 expands on the content below as listed on the homepage.


Download AR Project Demo v0.1 - 2nd August 2009

Demo v1 allows you to walk around the City and the first level of the Dungeon, encounter and fight monsters as well as visit some of the City establishments. There are no Dungeon monsters or treasure in this demo though you can move between the City and Dungeon levels. Shop functionality is fairly limited though you can sleep, check the time and work at Inns.


Visual C++ 2010 Runtime Libraries

IMPORTANT - Please note that the Visual C++ 2010 Runtime Libraries need to be installed if you're using Windows. These are available from the Microsoft website.


Open GL / Video driver issues

SFML (and therefore the AR Project) uses OpenGL as the basis of its display library. As a result of this you need to ensure that you are using a proper video driver with full OpenGL support provided by the video card supplier (E.g. ATI, NVidia, Intel etc). Otherwise you will be relying on the OpenGL support provided by Microsoft as part of its generic Windows drivers which won't give you the same performance and may lead to other issues (e.g. permitted image size is one I've had). Either way let me know if you have any problems.









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