Alternate Reality – Automapping

I’ve talked about adding an automap to ARX before and decided I will try and add one into the next release. This will mean a delay in the next release but hopefully the feature will be seen as a positive addition. The original Dungeon game didn’t have an automap but it did feature an item known as the Map stone which when used revealed your x and y location.

I think a game like ARX will really benefit from an automap and it could also be useful as a means of teleporting about the map or editing map layouts in the future. Maps vary in size from 64×64 cells to 8×8 so the automap needs to accomodate these. There are likely to be two views for the automap:

  • Full screen view which will display the whole (or most of) the current map
  • Mini map view located alongside the 3D view

The northeast corner of Dungeon level 1

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