Automap working

After my setback at the weekend with the power supply failing on the PC I managed to swap it today and have also managed to get the automap working correctly. Currently the automap shows you everything regardless of where you’ve been. As you can see from the screenshot it shows you where special places such as shops, taverns and smithies are on the map. I think this is a really useful feature – hopefully it won’t spoil the game for anyone.
Originally I made the mini map cells much smaller (8 pixels) but it made it difficult to see some items such as multiple doors in single cells so I’ve opted for bigger 16 pixel cells.
I’ll work on making the map show only those areas explored tomorrow if I’ve time as well as starting work on the full map level view.

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  1. I do have lots of backups and would always make a copy when I've added substantial content so I wouldn't have lost a lot of work – just my auto map update.

    Atarinerd – thanks. The auto map has come on a fair bit further since last post.

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