Automap – Further progress

Further work on the automap is going well. I’ve tweaked the images slightly so doors look more like the ones on old Dungeons & Dragons maps. Personally I think they look much better. I’ve also fixed a problem about the map display wrapping when viewing the edge of the map and added some additional checks for wall types in the Dungeon such as barred doors.

I’ve also added a large map display. Initially this could display a maximum map size of 64 x 64 like the City map or first level of the Dungeon but it was quite hard to read so I’ve changed this display to show the 32 x 32 segment that you are currently located in for larger maps. I also added a key for locations in the City.

Need to fix a wrap around display bug for smaller maps and also make the map display only those areas explored so far. Let me know what you think.

One thought to “Automap – Further progress”

  1. Beautiful. 🙂 While it does change the focus, some, it also gives a more adventurous feel by giving one choices. One can play it cautiously, or take a quick grand foray in the more open areas, knowing you can retreat back to more well-known areas.


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