Alternate Reality X – Teleport trouble!

For some time now there has been a bug in the teleport code which I needed to fix. Basically when you tried to use a teleport square which moved you from one Dungeon level to another you ended up being moved into a void outside the current map. This should have been easy to fix but instead took me hours. Every time I thought I had found the problem I came across another missing piece of game logic. Anyway I think I finally fixed it but it might raise it’s head again when dungeon level 3 is introduced.

On a more positive note I managed to resolve the issues with text input for the player name in a few minutes so now you can name your AR alter ego using both upper and lowercase letters. I needed to use SFMLs TextEntered event type.

I also successfully added some extra options to the auto map to display specials such as encounters, treasure and effect areas. This will be really useful for testing and adding to the game. For anyone who is wondering the mini and full screen map options in the next demo WILL NOT have this feature enabled.

I’ve also added a little FPS toggle button so you can see how well the game is performing on your PC. Without the mini map enabled I get about 60 frames per second. With the mini map on about 30 frames – I’ll modify the mini map for demo 4 so it doesn’t take up so much processing time.

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