Alternate Reality X – Updated automap and options

I’d always intended to have the automap display only those places on the map that you’d explored so I’ve spent some time this weekend updating the automap. As you explore each location on the map they become visible on the map making it easy to see which parts of the map you’ve still to explore and will avoid the problem of the player missing any potential specials objects or locations.

The updated automap showing the starting area of the Dungeon

I’ve also added some additional code to each of the shop locations to mark out all the cells of the map relating to that shop are appropriately coloured in (e.g. The Retreat and Grille above). It will take a while to mark out the same for all the shops, guilds etc in the City as well. I need to add this new automap information into the save game format so that save games include the areas of the automap explored so far.

I’ve also made some changes to fix the problem people reported about accidently quiting from the game by pressing the ESC key twice. When you now press ESC you get an options / help screen.

Further options will be added in future

If you select the Quit option you’ll also be asked to confirm it with a Yes / No prompt now so hopefully no more accidental lost characters. You can currently only load your save games from the main menu.

2 thoughts to “Alternate Reality X – Updated automap and options”

  1. Hallo Acrin!

    Those features (progressive mapping and L/S option) are going to make your project really playable and addictive (like back in 1986 when I was totally astounded seeing AR in it's 16bit graphic on my ATARI 800XL :-))

    Thanks a lot for your effort! You have more followers than you'd guess based on simple amount of responses at your blog or forum!
    I cannot wait to try ver.0.42!

    Should you ever feel the need to extend the game out of the dungeon part (e.g. already existing area and puzzles) I'm ready to help building the plot. But I presume we still have couple of years before those two basic parts are precised enough..

    I wish you all the best!

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