Alternate Reality X – Version 0.42 released soon

I’ll be releasing version 0.42 shortly. This will only be a minor release but it does add a few features that people have been asking for repeatedly. 
The main changes are:
  • Save
    and load characters in the City or Dungeon
  • Updated automap that only shows
    explored areas
  • Updated Exit / Quit behaviour and help screen
  • Sell gems
    and jewels at the Dungeon D & P
  • Some adjustments to the City Smithy such as better weapon choice for new characters and correct intervals for restocking weapons and armour
  • A
    few more bug fixes
Please consider the save and load options as experimental
in this version so I would suggest not putting lots of effort into building up a
character at this stage.
Hopefully have this uploaded in the next few days.

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