Alternate Reality X – Demo 0.43 Released!

Demo 0.43 of Alternate Reality X is now available from the download page. The main changes since demo 0.42 include:

  • Added full source code for ARX to the game download
  • City and Dungeon guilds now merged
  • All Guild functions added including joining, remove curses, learn spells, practice spells, deposit / withdraw from guild locker, resign
  • Added “Drop” command
  • Added “Cast spell” command
  • Added the “Healing”, “Conjure Food”, “Conjure Key” and “Location” spells
  • Added “Offer” command to “Transact” menu
  • Fixed visual map zone issues where walls and floors had incorrect textures and colours
  • Tweaked City and Dungeon gate counter speed and increased starting values slightly for stats
  • Fixed move backwards bug which allowed characters to pass through walls

Thanks for your continued support and feedback.

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