Alternate Reality X – Release Roadmap

With the imminent release of Alternate Reality X 0.43 I can now confidently publish my roadmap for the future releases leading to the official 1.0 release. My goal for the 1.0 release is to have all the original City and Dungeon content completed, fully playable with all the quests completed plus a few more extras which will be unique to ARX.

Release 0.5 – July 31st 2012

  • Add initial credits screens (will be added to in each future release)
  • Add back in “Alternative Graphics” option
  • Add Damon & Pythias provisions and bartering
  • Add City Smithy bartering
  • Add Dungeon Retreat for resting
  • Add duration based spells – Strength, Dexterity, Charisma, Fireblade

Release 0.6 – August 31st 2012

  • Add City Shops
  • Add City Healers
  • Add City Banks
  • Add “Buy a round” at City Taverns
  • Add remaining combat features
  • Add combat spells – Cold Blast
  • Add “Examine Items or Spells” option
  • Add additional encounter tables for the Dungeon
  • Add Dungeon Level 4
  • Add Dungeon door types

Release 0.7 – September 30th 2012

  • Add Rathskeller Bar & Grille
  • Add all encounter weapons
  • Add all encounter treasure items
  • Add unique treasure items
  • Add Encounter animation scheme
  • Add City Rain and Storm effects
  • Add the ARX manual draft
  • Add effects of hunger, thirst and alcohol

Release 0.8 – October 31st 2012

  • Add Dungeon Smithy
  • Add Bank Vaults
  • Add Weapon Enchantress
  • Add Dungeon Chapel
  • Add music on screen lyrics and timings
  • Add Smithy animation
  • Add Oracle

Release 0.9 – November 30th 2012

  • Add Dungeon quests & locations
  • Add Dungeon ending sequence
  • Add curses, diseases and poison

Release 1.0 – December 31st 2012

  • Add the AR introduction sequence
  • Finalise the ARX manual and supporting documents
  • Add an ARX icon

2013 – A new Alternate Reality X chapter begins…

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