Alternate Reality X – 0.55 Released


I’ve just released the latest version of my AR remake. It’s available from

It’s been a while coming but hopefully it contains some interesting developments to start taking the game to a new level. I think the new display mode works really well.

In release 0.55 you can find:

  • Banks added – Open and close up to 9 bank accounts, deposit and withdraw, sell gems and jewels, apply for jobs, view account balances and view bank failure rates
  • New smooth version of the AR font
  • New full screen / window 3D view with information overlays and large encounter graphics (just borrowed placeholders for now)
  • New 3D fogging for darker dungeons (new graphic style only)
  • Lots of new graphics textures including Palace and Arena entrances
  • Added ARX.ini configuration file for setting video resolution, full screen mode and graphic style
  • Added F12 key to display information for debugging / bug report purposes

Please keep supporting the project and if you feel able please make a small donation to help support the project and keep its development rolling along. Lots of interesting things lined up but it takes time to implement them.

Make sure to send me your feedback about this release as to how the new features work out and any issues you get with these changes.

Thanks for your continued support,


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