Alternate Reality X – 0.56 Released

I’m a bit late posting this but I uploaded release 0.56 of Alternate Reality X last week. The main changes include:
  • Added new Death music as a sample of Bruce’s work on new music and sound effects
  • Added Pause option whilst exploring and during encounters
  • Added buying clothing at D & P
  • Wear, drop, get and swap clothing
  • Added “Cheap Robe” to starting inventory
  • Buy a compass from the City shops
  • Added “Apparel” display & “Birthday suit” check
  • Added “Known Diseases” display
  • Added “curses” display
  • Bug fix: inventory overflow led to game crashing after extended play
  • Bug fix: Mini map no longer appears on Death screen

2 thoughts to “Alternate Reality X – 0.56 Released”

  1. This project looks more and more impressive after each release. Do you plan to implement the land owning/building features that were planned for "The Palace"?

    1. Thanks. Yes land owning and building will definetly be added as part of the palace but you will have to have have risen up the social ranks a bit first (and have enough funds!). I've a pretty clear idea about how this will fit together. Bruce has also created some great Palace and Arena sound effects ready for these scenarios…

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