Alternate Reality X – 0.56 Released

I’m a bit late posting this but I uploaded release 0.56 of Alternate Reality X last week. The main changes include:
  • Added new Death music as a sample of Bruce’s work on new music and sound effects
  • Added Pause option whilst exploring and during encounters
  • Added buying clothing at D & P
  • Wear, drop, get and swap clothing
  • Added “Cheap Robe” to starting inventory
  • Buy a compass from the City shops
  • Added “Apparel” display & “Birthday suit” check
  • Added “Known Diseases” display
  • Added “curses” display
  • Bug fix: inventory overflow led to game crashing after extended play
  • Bug fix: Mini map no longer appears on Death screen

2 thoughts to “Alternate Reality X – 0.56 Released”

    1. Thanks. Yes land owning and building will definetly be added as part of the palace but you will have to have have risen up the social ranks a bit first (and have enough funds!). I've a pretty clear idea about how this will fit together. Bruce has also created some great Palace and Arena sound effects ready for these scenarios…

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