Alternate Reality: Biting the Bullet

As I’ve mentioned briefly Bruce has created some wonderful new music and dozens of great sound effects for inclusion in Alternate Reality X. Not only has he reworked some of the old favorites from the City and the Dungeon but he has produced some entirely new tracks especially for this project. A lot of the new content is specially for the future scenarios such as the Arena, Palace and Wilderness. I can’t wait to add lots of them into future releases.

On screen lyrics for 0.57

With all this new music I decided I had to bite the bullet and start getting my version of AMP (Advanced Music Processor) into development. I think I’m tempted to drop the “Advanced” from my version as I suspect it’s simpler than the version Philip Price and Gary Gilbertson produced but it works 🙂 It took me a couple of days of solid work but I now have a fairly solid system for displaying on screen lyrics in time to the music tracks and I’m pleased with the results.

I now have working on screen lyrics for the Death theme, Dwarf Dance and soon Thoreandan. You’ll be able to see it first hand in the next release in the next few days. I’ve also added the option on the main menu to select the Atari 8 Bit music and sound effects or Bruce’s new versions.

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