Alternate Reality X – Release 0.57

Release 0.57 is now available for download from

New features and bug fixes include:

  • Added Encumbrance / object weights, messages and some side effects
  • Added “Use timepiece” option to display hour and minutes
  • Added menu option to select new music where available (Tavern, Smithy, Troll King, Goblin King, Guild, Death)
  • New versions of Tavern, Smithy, Troll King, Goblin King, Guild and Death music from “Furious”
  • Added on screen song lyrics for Death and some other music
  • New song from Furious – The Nightstalker added to Taverns
  • Bug fix: No longer start a new Dungeon character in a “Creepy Room” location
  • Bug fix: Now correctly registers death whilst exploring
  • Bug fix: Stopped loading shop interior images every frame!
  • Bug fix: “Get” command didn’t display armour names when picking up from ground
  • Bug fix: Tavern opening and closing time checks prevented access sometimes
  • Bug fix: Corrected Tavern opening and closing times message
  • BUg fix: Paying a tavern membership fee bypassed opening time checks
  • Bug fix: Object buffer tidy routine would sometimes remove carried objects
  • Bug fix: Use / Drop routine would sometimes not display carried objects
  • Bug fix: Apparel wasn’t being saved in save game
  • Bug fix: Large encounter images for fixed encounters appeared out of proportion to doors

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