Alternate Reality X: Release 0.58

Release 0.58 is now available from the downloads page at: Please note that you may need to download the Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2010 x86 Redistributable Runtime from Microsoft’s site. Release 0.58 includes the following additions and bug fixes:

  • Switched development to new version of SFML 2 media library
  • Switched development to Visual Studio C++ Express 2010
  • Added Barred door interaction in Dungeon – Locked, Bolted and Enchanted
  • Added some Dungeon unique treasures – Razor Ice, Sword of the Adept, Map Stone & Amethyst Rod
  • Expanded weapon format to include bonus to hit, parry, 2 handed, alignment, minimum stat requirements
  • City Enclosed areas added by Dalimar
  • City deathtraps fixed by Dalimar
  • Fixed some Dungeon zone colour schemes
  • Started work on Dungeon Oracle module
  • Bug fix: Fixed so more than 44 rectangular map zones can be defined
  • Bug fix: Fixed crashes relating to songs with longer sequences of lyrics
  • Bug fix: Fixed images for staircases,
  • Bug fix: Goblin Lord & Troll Tyrant now carry a Sceptre of Evil (not a dagger)
  • Bug fix: Lyrics strip image overlapped with shop image for 800×600 resolution

Hope you find something of interest in this release. Thanks for your continued support for this project.

All the best,

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