I’ve now merged all the City and Dungeon encounters into a single set as previously they were treated as two separate sets of encounter types meaning that a thief in the City did not behave the same as one from the Dungeon. This led to some confusion for players and made some of the code more complicated than it needed to be. I think I’ve been holding back to some degree but I think I’ve realised that if I’m really going to make Alternate Reality X a true, single game or environment then I need to make some aspects of the game more consistent across the different scenarios. This includes content such as encounters, weapons, items and the game mechanics. I have decided to keep the individual graphics for each scenario just now but even that may change over time.

I’ve also added all the fixed encounters for all levels of the Dungeon. There are around 32 in total. Now I’m modifying all the encounters covered by these fixed encounters so they have the correct weapons (e.g. Ebon Blade for an Undead Knight). I then need to add some more of those treasures that they are protecting!

I should have another release out in the next few days.

Keep on supporting the project in whatever way you can as this keeps my spirits up and let’s me know there is still interest in the project.


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  1. Just reporting in to say that while there might be might be not many comments around here, I (and I assume many others) are really following your blog, I look forward to developments of Alternate Reality and SOTC and can't wait to be able to play them fully.


    Time to level up and kill me a Dragon. It's an evil act, so I will have to say ten Hail Marys at the chapel and hand out loaves and fishes to the masses for a week, but it will be worth it to see the faces of the patrons at Rathskellers when I dump the carcass on the table. Hopefully Ozob will be around to teach me Temporal Fugue, or this will be a tough task. I hope the Dragonskin Hauberk is placed, gonna need that too.

    Thank you for re-igniting a long time dream and doing the work that I was far too lazy to do. We greatly appreciate your work, and marvel at each completed piece. I have donated, and have and will continue to urge other to do so.

    1. Hi, the fixed encounters I mean are the ones when you move onto their square and you get an encounter – not the shop like modules such as the Great Wyrm.Ozob, the Wyrm and the Rathskeller will be there soon though!

      Thanks for the donation and your support – I really appreciate it.

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