Alternate Reality X: Release 0.59

Release 0.59 is now available from the downloads page at This release fixes and adds a number of features around experience awards, levelling up and level up bonuses for the seven primary stats. There’s more work to be done to make experience points accurate across the whole of ARX and the City.

Changes included in this release are:

  • Removed levelling up cap (previously level 5)
  • Added stat bonuses when levelling up
  • Added Strength, Intelligence and Charisma bonuses for repeated successful actions
  • Dungeon encounters now award correct experience points when you defeat them
  • Dungeon encounters now award correct experience points for 50% of hits during combat
  • Removed “spinner” special from Dungeon level 1 map (location 40,15) as it left player trapped
  • Added Knight to Dungeon encounters & related alignment adjustments
  • Added Pauper introduction message
  • Added text for quests to Oracle module
If you like what I’m doing with ARX then please consider dropping me a note, spreading the word online or making a small Paypal donation towards my time. 
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