Alternate Reality X – Release 0.70 – Coming Soon

The Ferry Man puts in an appearance in release 0.70

If you follow the Alternate Reality X Facebook page at:

then you will have seen that I’ve been pretty busy recently working on a Mac OS X port of ARX and putting together release 0.70 for a February 2014 release. It’s long overdue but it seems like people are still behind the project which is great. I’m using the Facebook page more as it seems to reach lots of people and it’s quick and easy for me to post on it. I will still be using the blog here for much longer posts though so keep watching.

In addition I’ve been looking into the options for Android and iOS ports. Android I’ve already had some minor success with but iOS will require the paying the annual $99 Apple Developer Programme sign up fee. This is required even to test on your own device. Anyway well worth doing and would allow me to make submissions to Apple for including ARX on the App Store! I think they are pretty tough in their requirements from what I’ve read but something exciting to aim for.

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  1. I really like the ARM platform idea. Did you know that Android is installed on way more devices than IOS? 😉 Apple just kills me how they nickel & dime people to death. But I hear you. Having a version on the Apple App Store has great potential. As long as Mr. Price is OK with it! 🙂
    I will see what I can do to help you out with the ADP. I am a member, but my company pays for that. I think they spend a lot more on my expenses than my paycheck. 😉
    Let me know if you would like an Android or IOS tester for AR X!

    1. My Ouya is in a box, so I dont know the current state. Before I moved, in august, there were very little old school style PCRPGs only console or JRPG stuff. I was offering to dig out my Ouya to support your efforts because there was a lack of such games when I checked.

    2. Ok thanks. whilst there are lots of games in the RPG genre section most dont appear to be of the AR serious style but to be honest there are still lots of games I've not tried yet. I still like it

    3. Oh I still like the Ouya. I just have a finite time for games and usually play DCSS or something, so I have had time to play around with it much since I received my kickstarter box. I have plans to hook it up and explore its newly added capability's and diff mods/hacks that have come up. I just need to have work slow down or finish the bar in my basement which is my current project.

      We all know about having too many projects on our hands.

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