Alternate Reality X – Release 0.70 – Now Available

Alternate Reality 0.70 is here and available for download from It includes some new Dungeon features and several pieces of great new encounter art from Ted. There are also some additional pieces of art from the unreleased Amiga version of the Dungeon.

A great looking Knight courtesy of Ted

A Mac OS X version will be available in the next few days which I’m excited about. It’s looking pretty good so far and is a big step for Alternate Reality X. I’m really enjoying working on ARX just now so I would expect to have another fairly rapid release not long after this one, hopefully fixing some of the issues which annoy me such as problems with the different screen resolutions not looking good, fonts and text covering up Ted’s artwork! If you would like to support development of ARX then please consider making a small donation via Paypal using the link. Thanks.

Homunculli attack!

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