Stone of the Citadel: First screenshot

As I mentioned previously I’ve already done some initial coding for Stone of the Citadel. I’ve played around with a few different displays based on other games and for the initial stages of building up some actual game content I’ve settled on a simple screen layout which you can see below.

Whilst not particularly exciting at this stage it gives me something solid to start working with and building on. Over the coming months expect the display to change dramatically though – everything from the 3D view, its dimensions, textures, layout, fonts and logo are all likely to change. I’ve spent some time getting my bitmap font routine working smoothly as there will be a lot of text and information within the game so it needs to be readable. I can easily use other fonts now this is in place.

Functionality wise all you can do just now is move around a simple test map with walls and doors. Performance of the 3D view slowed down a bit once I added all the menus and party roster but I know why this has happened and how to fix it.

I’m planning to switch over to SFML 2.0 from SFML 1.6 as I believe this will give me some options for improving performance. It’s also the future for SFML so I might as well start to become familiar with it.

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