Stone of the Citadel: Minimap

I’ve added a mini map to the display to help navigate around the map. This is based on my Alternate Reality X code just now but I’m going to modify it to show only explored sections of the map: either individual cells or whole chambers and corridors a chunk at a time.

I’ve also altered the current textures and spent some time yesterday collecting decent free textures that I can use at least in the short term to start adding some variety to the map. I want to start sketching out a real map soon such as a town or the starting Citadel of the title as well as adding some more interesting map features and functionality to my game engine. My intention is to try and make the 3D view more realistic by adding more complex shapes such as recessed doorways, pillars and pits rather than just relying on the flat 6 quads for each map cell (floor, ceiling, front wall, back wall, left wall and right wall). We’ll see how that idea develops.

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