Alternate Reality X – Release 0.41

I’ve finally uploaded release 0.41 of Alternate Reality X to – it’s only about 4 months late! Finally tackled some of the work on the City taverns and I’ll try and totally finish these for release 0.5. Tavern features still missing are buying rounds and friendship levels which determine whether you get help when you’re down and out or get refused entry to certain taverns. I’m also keen to add a save game facility as many people are asking for this.

Anyway here’s what’s included in this 0.41 release:

  • City Courier healer bug fixed
  • Use food packets and water flasks
  • Buy food and drink from City taverns
  • Basic recording of hunger, thirst and alcohol levels added
  • City Tavern jobs and memberships now available
  • Updated city map with correct signs and Arena walls (many thanks to Dalimar who did this work)
  • Added Trolls and Goblins palaces
  • Added Dungeon Chapel placeholder and music
  • Added fountains to Dungeon
  • Mini map and full screen map no longer slow down frame rate due to SFML 2.0 library
  • “Use” command now works during encounters
  • Mercenaries / Paladin guilds in Dungeon no longer crashes
  • No longer crashes when using the secret doors in the outer City walls to move from one map side to another
  • Mini map now displays during encounters
  • Lots of code reorganisaion behind the scenes

Feedback as always appreciated.

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