Alternate Reality X: Added levelling up

Managed to spend several hours working on ARX focused on levelling up and investigating correct experience point awards for combat. I’ve noticed that many people playing ARX have managed to get up to level 5 very easily and part of the reason for this is that in many cases the experience awards have been way too high.

I’ve removed the level cap that was in place at level 5 so you should now be able to develop your ARX character up to a very high level. I’ve also added the missing stat bonuses which you should receive when gaining a level so your seven primary stats may now improve for each level of experience you gain.

Investigating the experience gained from encounters in the Dungeon I believe I now understand that the Dungeon awards it’s experience on 2 levels:

  • Firstly you receive half the experience for any hits you land on an opponent e.g. if you hit for 6 points of damage you would instantly gain 3 points of experience.
  • Secondly on winning an encounter you appear to get an experience bonus which is based on the opponent’s initial hit points multiplied by a factor – in many cases this is two but in the case of say a Ghost this could be as high as eight.

I’ve added these into ARX for all encounters as it’s my intention now to have only one method of calculating of experience in the game rather than differentiating between City and Dungeon. I will however spend some time playing the City to see what level of experience awards it provides.

9 thoughts to “Alternate Reality X: Added levelling up”

  1. I was wondering why I had over 300,000xp but was still level 5.

    Have you added gaining stats for doing an action 255 times? (combat, spell casting, studying, breaking enchanments, praying, etc.)

    Can't wait for the next version.

    1. Was looking at this yesterday. You get the same experience as when you defeat a creature but according to notes on the 16bit City you should also get some xp for the creatures remaining hp. Needs some testing in the 8bit City to clarify.

  2. If I remember correctly, in the City you also gained XP for the coins you found. I think it was 100 per gold, 10 per silver, 1 per copper. Can't recall if gems or jewelry behaved similarly.

    1. Hi there, I just discovered this a few days ago! I'll have a think about whether to add this as city coin treasure was automatically added to your inventory whereas in the dungeon you are asked if you want to pick it up. Didn't find any gems or jewels while playing to test out whether you get xp.

  3. Im playing the city on an atari st emulator at the minute and in this version you dont automatically have the money added to your inventory, you have to pick up gold silver and copper seperately.

    1. Hi,

      I think only the 8bit versions of the City automatically picked up coins at the end of a successful encounter. The 8bit Dungeon also prompts you to pick up coins.

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