Alternate Reality X – Release 0.60 Now Available!

Release 0.60 of Alternate Reality X is now available for download from:

It contains the following additions and bug fixes:

  • Implemented City and Dungeon encounters as a single set using same encounter object format
  • Combined encounter images into single set using Dungeon images for majority
  • Added all Dungeon fixed encounter specials (32 in total)
  • Added weapons for encounter specials above
  • Added a Dungeon Quest
  • Fixed Bug #002: Delay of a couple of seconds when entering some shops / modules due to music loading
  • Fixed Bug #003: Mini map edges don’t refresh properly
  • Fixed Bug #004: City map wrapped at some points instead of leading to Wilderness
  • Fixed Bug #013: Lyric strip appears over shop / module image at 800 x 600 resolution
  • Fixed Bug #014: Daggers only type of weapon dropped after winning an encounter
  • Fixed Bug #001: Goblins and Trolls don’t recognise that you’re carrying rival ring half
  • Fixed Bug #016: Oracle offerings did not include weapons etc
  • Fixed Bug #017: Pauper could not accept all positive items and never rejected offers
  • Fixed Bug #018: City encounters didn’t drop weapons

Hope you enjoy it. There should be another release out soon in February.

Thanks for your continued support and feedback- greatly appreciated.

All the best,

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