Alternate Reality X – Release Roadmap – May 2013

Updated: 22nd May
At the time of writing release 0.63 of Alternate Reality X is now available. Ths list below includes unimplemented and new features. Release 1.0 will include all the content and features of the original City and Dungeon scenarios. It will be fully playable with all the quests completed plus a few more extras which will be unique to ARX. I have not included dates at this point and intend to keep implementation flexible but have grouped features in the major release sections where I think it’s most likely they will be added to ARX. I would typically expect around 2-3 releases per group. New art, sound and music assets will be added to the game across multiple releases.
I’ll update this as I expand it and probably put it into a tabular format so I can tick off each item as work on it is completed. The list is likely to get longer initially as I add more items and expand some of the individual items into smaller pieces of work.
Comments as always welcomed.
Release 0 .6x
  • Major changes to the object and inventory system for dynamic object creation such as clothing and custom weapons
  • Further work on City Shops
  • Add City Healers
  • Add experience modifiers following successful encounter 
  • Display clean ups across resolutions and different display options
  • Add check for successful retreat from encounters
  • Adjust encounter frequency as currently seem too frequent in City
  • Potions – City Style – sip, taste, quaff etc
  • Merchant – trade for timepieces or compass (via menu)
  • Use crystal to charge guild ring
  • Thieves stealing items
  • Devourer “devouring” items
  • Add encounter treasure item – eyes
  • Add some of the remaining combat features (surprise, waylay, flee, summon spell cast, block, disarm etc)
Release 0.7x
  • Add duration based spells – Strength, Dexterity, Charisma, Fireblade
  • Add combat spells – Cold Blast
  • Spells (nearly all)
  • Add additional encounter tables for the Dungeon
  • Add Rathskeller Bar & Grille
  • Add all encounter weapons
  • Add encounter treasure items – scrolls, eyes, wands, horns, cards etc
  • Add Dungeon Level 4
  • Add effects of hunger, thirst and alcohol
  • Add “Examine Items or Spells” option – Low priority
  • Add Dungeon level 1 and 2 special locations and quests
Release 0.8x
  • Add Dungeon Smithy
  • Add Bank Vaults
  • Add Weapon Enchantress
  • Add Dungeon Chapel
  • Add Smithy animation
  • Add Dungeon level 3 and 4 special locations and quests
  • Add remaining unique treasure items
  • Weapon durability, breaks and repairs
  • Darkness – light spell, torch light, helm of light
Release 0.9x
  • Add Encounter animation scheme
  • Add City Rain and Storm effects
  • Add any remaining Dungeon quests & locations
  • Add Dungeon ending sequence
  • Add curses, diseases and poison
  • Turn point + sub square movement (possibly)
  • Delete saved game
  • More info on saved game – time and date, char level, location etc
Release 1.0
  • Add the AR introduction sequence
  • Produce the ARX manual and supporting documents
  • Add an ARX icon
  • Everything else I’ve forgotten!

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