Alternate Reality X – Release 0.64 Now Available

Release 0.64 of Alternate Reality X is now available from the download pages over at:

I’ve added the final City establishment – the City Healers – to the game, City style potions, poison, diseases and a number of bug fixes. All 44 types of potion can be found in the game but several of them will need some work in the next release to be a 100% completed. Treasure Finding is working though and directly influences the probability of finding treasure after an encounter – something which people had mentioned in the last release. Potions are easier to find in this version than they will be in the final version to give players the chance to try them out.

The full list of changes include:

  • Added City Healers – Includes heal wounds, cure disease, remove alcohol and remove delusions
  • Added City style potions as treasure – Examine, Sip, Taste and Quaff
  • Added Treasure Finding stat
  • Added diseases and poisons and their effects
  • Updated the wandering healer for the above
  • Updated main menu with new image / layout
  • Updated “Active Magic” and “Known Diseases” displays
  • Added compass images from Jason and added background for use with large 3D window
  • Added new guard / warrior encounter image from Ted
  • Reduced encounter frequency
  • Fixed Bug #027: Game hangs on second play through when creating character
  • Fixed Bug #028: Compass images hard to see in full screen mode and needed position adjusting
  • Fixed Bug #029: Crash when pressing ESC from Use object menu
  • Fixed Bug #030: Shop stock items not saved as part of save game 
  • Fixed Bug #031: Tavern and shop stock items not refreshed each day
  • Fixed Bug #032: Guild lyrics display too quickly
  • Fixed Bug #033: Death lyrics display too quickly

If you would like to support the continued development of Alternate Reality X then please consider making a donation towards my time and web site costs via the PayPal link on the blog, ARX Facebook page or website.

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