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As you are probably aware if you’re following my project updates I accept donations for my work on the Alternate Reality X project and set this up a while back after a few supporters of the project asked me how they could donate to support the future development of the project.

If you’ve not yet made a donation towards Alternate Reality X, value the work I’ve put into the project and would like to see it continue to develop further then please consider making a donation via PayPal. The links are available from the Facebook page, the website and this blog. Any amount, however small is always appreciated and I obviously realise that everyone’s means and situation is different. If you’ve already made a donation then I’m sincerely grateful and really appreciate the support you’ve provided for the project – thank you. It means a lot to me and helps me value and justify (to myself) my work on ARX and the time I put into it. It’s good to see that other people value the time that’s been invested.

I’ve mentioned before that it can sometimes be hard to justify the time that I’m spending working on Alternate Reality X to my family. As always there is never enough time to get everything done so I have to prioritise my time accordingly. Fit game development in with a full time job, household chores and admin and a young family and time is a valuable commodity. At least if I can occasionally say that all the hours I’m putting into the project has resulted in a little bit of money here and there then people are a bit more accommodating.

Reading some of the comments or requests on the forums I think it’s easy for people to underestimate just how much time it takes to add a new feature or fix an annoying bug within ARX. Often the seemingly trivial features are the ones that take the most work.

I think I’m doing well this year with 7 releases of Alternate Reality X during 2013 so far, averaging about one per month. This is already the same number as I created in 2012 so it’s looking fairly positive to date for 2013 🙂

My development machine decided to give up the ghost yesterday so my next step is to sort that out before I get going on release 0.65. After that the next area I’m planning to work on is to expand the whole encounter and combat part of ARX so that it includes surprises, waylay, blocks, dropping weapons etc. Basically working to complete the combat system so that it has all the features of the City and the Dungeon. I’ve also got a bit more work to do on potions (which also relate to combat). I also want to start adding the remaining Dungeon establishments now that the City ones are all in place.

Thanks for your support.

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  1. It's probably been mentioned before, I just recently started following your project a bit more religiously so I'm not sure if it has… But I'm taking it that collaboration or open sourcing the project is out of the question, right?

  2. I'm already collaborating with 3 people who are providing code, art and music. The source code is included as part of each release in a directory called "src" if you're interested in taking a look.

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