Alternate Reality X- May 2016 Update

Work on improving the encounters in Alternate Reality X is going well. I’ve been stripping down the old encounter code, seeing what works and what needs re-working or simplifying as well as adding in the new features such as blocking, knock downs and special encounter actions. Lots of late nights but hopefully you’ll think the improvements make a big difference and all the long hours have been worth it.
I’ve been reading up a lot on game programming (mainly C/C++ and SFML) and how to better organise my code for CRPG and Roguelike style games. I’m resisting the temptation to just build on some of my earlier shaky code as I really want to make ARX maintainable and expandable – it’s the only way it will possible to expand the game to include other scenarios and new features.
I’m thinking of splitting the encounter updates and item updates into 2 separate releases to keep up with my plan of more frequent updates during 2016. Thanks for the continued support.

5 thoughts to “Alternate Reality X- May 2016 Update”

  1. I vote for more updates. I can't wait for the fix on the healers. I end up with rabbies all the time and you can't user a healer to fix it.

    Better encounter system will be great.

    1. The healer diseases bug is definitely fixed in the 0.75 release – I just double checked! 🙂 I'll try and put the 0.75 release out in the next couple of weeks with the encounter improvements.

    1. Thanks Lt.Dan! The combat is taking longer than expected and a bit bogged down with personal stuff but going to make time to break the back on the current encounter issue I'm working on this week. The main encounter loop isn't currently working properly when the player or an enemy dies. I'll get it sorted.

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