New Blog – Comments Issue

My apologies to Allan, Steve and Meerling who had commented earlier today. After attempting to re-import my old blog content from Google Blogger to include all the images, I was forced to reinstall WordPress in order to import the old posts back in again, therefore losing your comments. The blog import is now complete and I won’t touch the importer again. Sorry.

4 thoughts to “New Blog – Comments Issue”

    1. I’d never heard of that game and had to look it up 🙂 To answer your original question I’ll be putting together pages for bug and feature lists. I looked for a simple, free bug tracker plugin for WordPress but haven’t found anything suitable yet.

      1. Have you hear of Trello ? It’s not a bug tracker, but I hear many devs like working with it.

        Is there a way for you to display the blog, so that comments are shown by default ? It’s only a small community, won’t be pages long.

        1. Thanks. I have heard of Trello but have not used it – I’ll take a look. I’ll check the WordPress settings regarding your comments question.

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