4 thoughts to “New Alternate Reality X – Development Status page”

  1. Great stuff, I’d really like to see the unique items you used to find around the Dungeon come back, the Golden Apple for the Pretty One :), The Wetstone, The Crystal BP in the Ice Caverns etc. Really enjoying the remake, the above list is kewl to go over as well 🙂

    1. Glad you’re enjoying it. I’m fixing a few bugs just now and then will be adding further unique items including those you mentioned. Another release will be out very soon. Thanks.

  2. I especially liked to give the “LOADSTONE” to the Devouerer or the Oracle, as it encumbered me to the point that I soon began dropping everything.

    1. Hi Scott, Thanks for commenting. I haven’t implemented the loadstone yet – I used to hate it (there are two in the game I think). The screen would go blank and i’d wonder what special item I was going to get and then found out it was the loadstone 🙂

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