Project Resurrection – ARX and SOTC

After a long break I’m starting to get back into both my Alternate Reality X project and Stone of the Citadel. I’m moving them over to a newer version of the SFML media library which make both games possible. With AR in particular I’m taking the opportunity to try and greatly simplify and restructure the code – it desperately needs it! I probably waste lots of time going backwards and forwards through my maze of twisty, legacy code.

I’m going to update the webpages at to include both projects rather than just Alternate Reality and I’m keen to get a new AR version out soon and a little demo of Stone of the Citadel too so people can start to get a bit of an idea of what direction I’m taking with this and see it actually does exist! I’m keen to hear from people what they would like to see in this type of party based CRPG so drop me a line.

The long delays are due to the usual reasons – work, family life and basically just needing a rest to avoid permanent burn out. To be honest I did think about stopping work on Alternate Reality X but I really want to complete what I set out to do there and it is achievable. However I’m pleased to say I’m keen to get back to it now after the break and I can now go back feeling refreshed and enthusiastic.

One thing I have thought a lot about recently based on many emails I’ve received about the projects on this blog is adding a paypal donations button for anyone who is interested in the projects and wants to put something towards my time. I’ve always been a bit reluctant to do this but from the supportive comments I’ve had asking about this I’ve come around to the idea so don’t be surprised if you see a donate button pop up. The projects will continue to be available for free download for anyone of course.

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